Bringing Justice to the World: A Five Month Retrospective on Gay and Dead

I must repent something. This list is absolute garbage. The true stars of Gay and Dead had been shunned and replaced by false gods. This comes with me liking the album way more than I used to as well. Here is the new ranking.

Songs to listen to all day

Gayer Than God: How can I forget that amazing beat and sample? Also hugely underrated those lyrics. This might stay the absolute favorite.

Buttfuckers Anthem: Last place, my ass. This is the grimiest, nastiest thing on the album. “Starts getting grimy”, get it together Bread. I’M THE GOD OF ASS

Pure Personality

Body Rolls: This is a drunken rant. Everything about it was done while totally wasted. I think my old blurb still tells it like it is. “Everybody knows me but you don’t know what I’m about”

Fallen to Pieces: Still a great start, still great lyrics. But can’t stand up to the best beats.

Day Dreamer (Sad Gay Boy): Still great. Still agree with the previous list here.

Essential to the Album

Broken Brilliance: Pretty much the perfect intro.

Fat and Dangerous: The album’s thesis statement. It may have gone from #3 to #7, but I think I can appreciate it as a whole more than I did before.

Who the Fuck is Conrad?: This song gets sadder over time.

Catchy songs

Paradise (in name only): Jess’s verse is amazing, Digi’s whining about SAO fans and dick jokes are fun.

Freak Power: Ideas.

The Bunker: Freaking Endless Jess.

Buy the album: It’ll be worth it.

Songs anyone could have done

Nihilistic Suburban Void: I still need to listen to more Death Grips.

Space Chillin’ (interlude) – Down here for its brevity more than anything else.

Quarter: Legitimately creepy verses, but I don’t like the chorus as much anymore.


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