Every The Fame Monster Track, Ranked and Tiered

This album defined a whole year of my life. Here’s the breakdown of how it holds up.

Transcendentally good, like seriously how is this album so good?

So Happy I Could Die – Self love: Lady Gaga’s thesis statement. I love the imagery, the sound, the catchiness. It’s desperate, but soft. Harsh, but loving. Encapsulates why I listened to this album so much.

Dance in the Dark – Should’ve stayed a single. A story of a lovestruck girl who can’t love herself. Awkward teenage me related hard to this one, and current me still loves it.

Monster – Vivid, unsettling imagery. Uses sexuality in a genuinely powerful way. Regret, love, and dance mingled together and blew me away.

Paper Gangsta – Am I honest, am I truly real? Are the people around me being honest with me? This song is crushingly intrusive. The echoing guest vocals only make the song lonelier.

Awesome songs I love to listen to

Disco Heaven – Can we bring disco back? This album means a lot to me for how its themes influenced by adolescence, but this pure fun dance track beats most of the songs on it.

I Like It Rough – An kickass electronic instrumental and lyrics about a toxic relationship. Exactly what I come to Lady Gaga for.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Feels awesome.

Really good songs

Paparazzi – Desperate unrequited affection. Strong theme.

Speechless – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Alejandro – Lady Gaga’s singles aren’t typically her most interesting songs, but this one’s so fun to listen to.

Lady Gaga is pretty good at music

Summerboy – This song is adorable. A story about frivolous, no-stakes summer romance. It’s sad if you wanted more out of it, but you can create some good memories.

Telephone – Aged the best, catchiness-wise. Definitely a lesson to be found in it, but it also rocks hard.

Bad Romance – Excellent lyrics, but middle-of-the-road musically. I don’t feel much from it.

Starstruck – Maybe the most 2008-sounding song on the album. But the soft electronic sounds and rap interlude work really well for me.

These songs are more average, but they add texture to her body of work

Money Honey – A horny love song, but also a party song.

Brown Eyes – Well-done sad love song.

Eh, Eh (There’s Nothing Else I Can Say) – Infectious and decently written, but we’ve left her best work.

Teeth – Never really cared for this one. Kinda went for a different kind of creepy than a lot of the other stuff on the Monster side of the album.

The Fame – A brighter, less lyrically interesting Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

Generic club songs

Poker Face – The first Gaga song I heard, so it’s special. The main appeal is the strong pop sound.

Just Dance – Standard Lady Gaga. Poppier than most, but unmistakably hers.

Boys Boys Boys – Simple lyrics, boring theme. Otherwise very much in the Gaga formula.

LoveGame – Obnoxiously sexual. Not my favorite side of her character.



I shouldn’t be a music critic, but hey! With that, I’ve made one post for every day of this month.


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