Every Song on Gay and Dead, tiered and ranked

This album has defined my month, so you’ve got to hear about it.

Great Songs

Fallen to Pieces – Best intro on the album, hands down. The beginning rap portion is brilliant, musically and lyrically.

Day Dreamer (Sad Gay Boy) – It really feels like something’s ending here. Sad, introspective, and self-infantilizing. I love pretty much everything about this.

Good Songs

Fat and Dangerous – Forgettable verses, but the best chorus. Digi is simultaneously a badass, a demon, and a loser here.

Paradise – Catchy enough with Digi’s part, elevated by Endless Jess. Speaking of whom, you have got to listen to The Coolest Guy.mp3.

Catchy songs. I sing it to myself now and then.

Body Rolls – “Everybody knows me but you don’t know what I’m about”

Broken Brilliance – That chorus stays in my head. Plus, the “that’s when I will appear” part is fantastic.

Nihilistic Suburban Void – I really ought to listen to Death Grips more.

Who the Fuck is Conrad? – Really upfront with its themes. It’s a song you can party to.

Forgettable but interesting

Gayer than God – The beat makes me so happy.

Freak Power – Digi’s “gonzo journalist” song. I’m all for Freak Power.

Atmospherically great, but not quite there thematically

Quarter – This album’s got some freaking great instrumentals. Some of the most effective rhymes on the album.

The Bunker – Cool and creepy sense of place. It’s like I’m actually in the Furnace Room. And the outro. Oh yes, the outro.


I Didn’t Remember Anything About These Until I Made This Post

Space Chillin’ (interlude) – It’s the prelude to Fat and Dangerous.

Buttfuckers Anthem – This is where it starts getting grimy.


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