Why Does All Might Make Me Cry?

Something about this line fills me with emotion. When I think of the idea of heroes, people inherently eager to do good, the tears start coming. Maybe I wish I could be as good of a person as Deku is. Maybe after years of feeling like just another human being, I want to do better.

It’s not just when he talks about heroics though. All Might’s fighting is enough. He can look completely inspiring while his body falls apart.

All-Might, the Symbol of Peace, brings me to the edge. Because everything about him is a challenge to me.

“Be this good. Help people.”

“Smile even when you’re falling apart, for the sake of others.”

It’s destructive. I don’t need to look at myself for that, I can look at the scars on Deku’s hands for all the proof I need. But I still want it. I still want that ideal.

It seems so strange, because I’m not a superhero. I can’t fight a monster that’s attacking someone. I can only help people by being there for them emotionally.¬†Emotional¬†intelligence. Striving to understand people for their sakes and above my own.

It’s weird because watching a buff guy punch a monster shouldn’t be an occasion for sadness, but can’t I mourn how much danger that buff guy is in?

I can’t be Hanekawa and bundle all of my imperfections away. But maybe I can try to go beyond what I’ve been doing now. Plus ultra.


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