My Favorite Mediums, ranked

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Favorites: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monogatari, Gravity Falls, The Legend of Korra

Anything can happen.

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Favorites: The Meadowlands, Dark Side of the Moon, anything by Bjork or Sparklehorse

Experiencing the same thing over and over, unchanging.

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Favorites: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, The Alchemist, House of Leaves

Books have brainwashed me into loving books.

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Favorites: Improv comedy, Hamlet, the works of David Ives

So many cameras.

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Favorites: Pokemon, Kingdom of Loathing, Kingdom Hearts, Souls

You live the story.

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Favorites: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Pokemon Special, Qualia the Purple, XKCD

The sense of motion can beat actual motion.

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Favorites: Harold and Maude, Community, Carmilla, Horseshoe Finale

Can you see yourself on that screen?

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Spoken Audio

Favorites: Welcome to Night Vale, Insufferable Social Media Argument the Podcast

Tell me your story.

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