Horseshoe Reviews Post

Horseshoe Reviews was a YouTube series that reviewed and analyzed episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It stars Jesse Wood (AKA Endless Jess FKA The Footwear Man) as The Horseshoe King, a huge fan of professional wrestling, Evangelion, and ponies who sees it his right to school his viewers in the art of equine appreciation.

Watching it was an interesting experience personally, because I had seen the show up until about the point the Horseshoe King started reviewing it. Even if I wasn’t watching the show, I had some understanding of characters, events, and the general flow of the MLP season.

What makes the Horseshoe King a deconstruction of other reviewers A notable aspect of the King is that he is not always content to talk about an episode, give his opinion. and leave. We see him exist out of the reviews, living in his filth. We see him interact with a variety of other characters, such as Digibro and Colt Corona, who add context to his horse-addled situation. The Horseshoe King is a full character, and the reviews show us a part of his life.

Sadly the production wasn’t meant to last. While the channel threw some interesting extra bits out there, like a video of Horseshoe drunkenly rambling about an episode without reviewing it, the narrative fizzles away. Main videos stop coming up, the reviews themselves start cropping up all over the series timeline, and he never reviews the season finale.

In conclusion, through the narrative style, to character development, to film direction, Drowning in Horseshoes and Jesse Wood have achieved what few shows could ever hope of achieving: They have managed to dupe the vast majority of viewers into believing in their awesome Parthenon known as Horseshoe Reviews, yet in the end, it is nothing more than a House of Cards that has fallen and-


 Oh. Ohh.

Wow I’d feel really ignorant and incompetent if I continued on and criticized something as a completed product while ignoring the thing that completes it.


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