My Own Rating System Review

I maintain my own spreadsheet of anime ratings that are based on six categories. I score a show based on the best five out of six. Let’s apply it to itself!

Emotion (7/10)

Both a broader version of “Enjoyment”, and a subset. The emotional reaction that a show creates in its viewer is a huge indicator of how much they liked it and will remember it. The problem is that it’s too big. It could carry a scale by itself.

On the other hand, some of the most emotional shows, like AnoHana and Gunbuster, are just that. You can sob at them, and they might still not be your favorites.

Humor (4/10)

Not all shows are comedies. Sure, the elimination system makes up for that, but it still gives more serious shows a disadvantage when seriousness can be a good thing. Furthermore, just like there are some shows where I can’t remember a bar of the soundtrack, there are some shows where I can’t remember a single joke. What am I supposed to give them?

Meaning (8/10)

“Story” and “Enjoyment” aren’t fit to contain the themes of a show. I use the word “Meaning” here because it’s not just how interesting the themes are, but how well they’re presented, and if they made me care. Also not every show has some message to take out of it, but every show has a reason it was made, and a reason its makers thought it would be watched. Plenty of shows resist this category, but on the whole, those shows are less good for it.

Wow Factor (8/10)

Sound and Visuals in one category. Wonderful – let the overall aesthetic impression speak for itself. The name is kind of dumb though – points off since I could’ve called it something else.

Characters (10/10)

It’s the same category MAL uses, being used the same way; same score.

Plot (8/10)

At the end of the day, what actually happened can be pretty important.


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