Will Monogatari Final Season Beat S2?

Monigatari Series Second Season is one of my favorite anime. So much that it not only greatly outweighs other anime, but even other parts of Monogatari. While I generally find the series enjoyable and effective in spite of its flaws, none of it lands the ending like S2.

Monogatari overall is one of my favorite shows because it nailed the ending, but it happened halfway through the series. Araragi’s issues were glaringly exposed and the girls anchored to him from the start of the series were finally able to move on. If Owari3 and ZoluOwari are the true end, off season be damned, what can they give that hasn’t been given?

This last season is Araragi’s chance at redemption. His chance to go to college. After Tsuki and the first two Owaris, a lot has been beaten into his head. Thanks to Koyomimonogatari, we’ve seen into his relationships with the other cast members and can see all he has to lose.

It’ll tie off nicely, with room for expansion. Maybe I won’t feel for him the way I did for Tsubasa and Nadeko. Maybe Final Season will make Second Season even better, knowing more details and resolutions to the chain of relationships it details. Maybe just out of sheer length no Monogatari release will embody the power of that world like S2 does.

But we’ve made it. We’re almost to the end, only a year or two in the way.


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