Let’s Talk about 3x3s

A 3×3 is a picture collection of 9 of one’s favorite anime. Here’s mine.



These aren’t quite the best of the best anime I’ve seen, in my opinion, but they’re my current favorites.

But what if I haven’t seen them? Then what would be my 3×3? Well, I’d probably want to start with the shows that I think are the best, but not quite as favorite as those not-best favorites. Then add some other shows I think are amazing.

3x3 part 2

But what if I hadn’t seen these nine shows? And what if I hadn’t seen the next nine, and so on? So behold, here is my ultimate 3×3 3×3.


At the fifth one, I started including stuff that I haven’t quite finished.


But that’s not all I can do with 3x3s! I can also show how my 3×3 changed over time! Here’s a GIF of the order of my top 9 changing.

And here’s a more seamless progression that doesn’t take order and preference shifts into account.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about 3x3s

  1. Thanks for sharing that. I’d have no idea what would end up in mine because when someone asks me my favourite anime I always start with one and then I end up listing about twenty others that I found equally appealing.

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