Bread’s Spring 2016 Week 8

Another update on what I’m watching right now.

Diamond is Unbreakable 7: This was basically a really good Stardust Crusaders episode. You’ve got an enemy whose Stand is powered by deception, and they get the crap non-lethally beaten out of them in the end. We got to see Koichi and Josuke work together, we got to see how last week’s guy fits into the group, and we even got to see Nijimura and Josuke, which is always welcome.

Concrete Revolutio 2-7 / 20: Well that was sad. All the cultural implications in this episode are interesting. That last statement was good – even if he could have never succeeded, the fact he wanted to was enough that Jiro doesn’t regret helping him.

Boku no Hero Academia 7: Wow, Bakugo is an asshole. Thought this fight was pretty great, albeit slow, and the closer this show gets to finishing the more I hope for a prompt second season (then again, I’ll probably read the manga since I hear it’s better anyway).

Mayoiga 7: Well we’re in horror territory now! This show teeters on a weird line between effective drama and parody. On one hand, Mitsumune’s quest for identity is relatable if you phrase it in those words, but the events that caused it are absurd. The group’s mob mentality on its own is dramatic, but Lovepon’s inner conflict caused by her backstory and Speedstar’s treatment of Mitsumune stay over the top. Sadly, we didn’t get another Catacomb Assbound.

Kiznaiver 6: So many emotions. Why does the show have to be half over already? I’d say the biggest idea this episode touched on was the contradictory nature of its premise. The Kizuna project aims to bring people together by force. But if people are forced to help each other and sympathize with each other, acts of kindness don’t carry the meaning they would if they weren’t. The gang saving Maki is a touching moment, but it’s ruined by the fact that it’s a mission. While a lot of the episode was about Maki’s issues with the past and Noriko’s isolation, I hope this idea continues to be addressed.

Kiznaiver 7: So of course I jump ahead. It’s still great, it’s still touching,  and that shot of Yuta running on the beach is my favorite in the show. In it’s better moments, this show has such an awareness of its characters! Another cool touch is that the visit from the beginning kind of echoes the visit from AnoHana.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco 7: Kill la Kill episode? Well this is exactly what I wanted. Since I know the next episode is Little Witch Academia, I wonder if we’re getting Gainax or Inou Battle themed episodes. They’re probably just gonna keep it to Trigger’s original properties though. So maybe a Kiznaiver episode? An Inferno Cop episode is an option, except he’s already a character.

Flying Witch 6: I probably paid more attention to this one than any of the other episodes. The silly gag and bits of world building solidified its status as a show that’s really not bad at all. I’m just not quite sure how good it is for me. But I do feel somewhat healed by it!

Dragon Ball Super 44: Looks like we’ve got a filler arc starting. Or maybe this will tie into the gods issue. I liked the direction in this one. Good transitions, the radio bits were interesting, and Goku’s training scene was epic, even if it was super brief.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V 105: It was cool seeing a bit more of the relationships between the Xyz characters. Between Edo and Kaito, looks like a really tough slate of antagonists, and it’s good to establish that. If Kurosaki were carded, we’d be able to start talking about how carding can be reversed, but so far it’s easier that he was spared.


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GiG: This show is very political. I’ve seen the first six episodes now. Episode 2 was interesting, while episode 3 was a real highlight. I like Motoko, and seeing her act as a deceiver and the way people treat her was interesting. Other episodes feel very steeped in setting up the political climate. I hope it’s used well!

Nana: Speaking of set up, Nana spends a lot of time in flashbacks after that brilliant first episode. Such a shame, since there’s so much we were already able to work with! Still, it’s not a total loss. Current recommendation for this series: skip episode 1. Therefore you don’t have all those questions during episodes 2 through 5, and you can enjoy episode 6 more. Well, actually episode 6 misses a lot of important stuff in episode 1. But I haven’t seen episode 7, so maybe that stuff will be in there. Maybe just watch 2-5, 1, then 6. Or just watch it in airing order and be frustrated.

I also saw the first couple episodes of Bake Neko, which is a prequel of sorts to the anime Mononoke. It feels a lot like Mushishi so far, the story of the suspiciously stoic professional performing exorcisms on tense families.

I saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World too. It was a lot of what I’m about. Super dry comedy with a completely surreal setting established through a painted fourth wall. It’s like we’re in Utena but with Michael Cera and a lot less to analyze. Breathtaking effects, particularly the 5/6 fight. I loved the characters, particularly Scott’s own exes and how they informed the situation (Knives is precious). Hated fight 4. Awful. But overall, it’s a really cool movie. I recommend checking out either version of the story.


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