Bread’s Spring 2016 Week 7

Feel like I’m kinda copying Wrong Every Time’s thing with this post, but this is (almost?) something different. For a lot of shows I typically don’t watch new episodes right as they come out, so these posts will be more like a diary of what anime and other media I watched in the last week. I may keep doing this, or as I figure out what I want to use this blog for I might not.

So let’s break down the… scattered week I have had, starting with the previous Tuesday. I think I’ll have more to say other weeks than this week, since here I’m working a lot from memory.


Diamond is Unbreakable 6: This episode was so fun. I love Koichi, because here we have this wimpy, Armin-like character, and you think he’s gonna be put in a Speedwagon type role. But nope, he’s got a Stand and he has to become a badass now. While this wasn’t at the heights of episode 5, it’s still another great episode of JoJo.

Concrete Revolutio 2-6 / 19: I think I’m starting to get into the groove of this season. Concrete Revolutio has a similar feel to Mushishi S2 for me, where I appreciate the atmosphere, but can hardly process when anything’s actually happening. After the silliness of the olympics episode though, the last couple have actually been quite engaging. This one really solidified my engagement with the themes about gray morality, and I’ve come to really sympathize with Jiro’s quest to “help superhumans”. And it’s got the best Bones fight animation of the season so far.

Boku no Hero Academia 6: Speaking of which… no complaints here. This episode actually had a small fight, and it looks like it’s gonna be followed with a bigger one! We’re getting into Deku’s relationships, and a bunch of great moments throughout. I like him embracing his nickname because of the girl he likes, I like him befriending the nerdy dude, and I like the fact he considers Bakugo a hero to look up to even though he’s obviously not.

Mayoiga 6: After all the hype about the giant boob, this one didn’t draw me in all that much. I hear episode 7 will be interesting, so that’s something to look forward to. One thing I’ll say about this show is that the OP is more hilarious the more you watch it.

Kiznaiver 5: I’ve been finding Kiznaiver an interesting experiment in existential teenage storytelling, but this episode really sold me on it. Sonozaki and Kacchon’s relationship developed – Kacchon’s detached enough from the situation that he realizes Sonozaki’s involvement in the Kizuna project is really a projection of her own ideas about people. Much like Instrumentality, the Kizuna project is a really lonely thing, and it’s interesting going into the fact that the people behind it are supposed to be people. The direction also ramped up this week. Kacchon and Chidori’s big moment was also really touching. The interactions between the Kiznaivers really remind me of AnoHana – the way these kids are kinda shallow, but there’s a freshness in the way they interact with each other. Meanwhile the character development is coming to evoke Oregairu. Those are two shows I really like, so this show may end up in my favorites. Here’s hoping for that second half!

Uchuu Patrol Luluco 6: I think I first started getting into the groove of what this show’s doing. Imaishi’s got a great energy, and it’s cool seeing that energy put into having a chill time. A lot of people compare this favorably with Inferno Cop, but honestly I think paper background explosions are the best thing.

Flying Witch 5: Same old relaxing cuteness with this show. Nothing to note.

Dragon Ball Super 43: The first half of this episode was super adorable. Piccolo is probably the best babysitter out there. Filler is actually a pretty good time now that this series has got me hooked. DBS is probably a huge disappointment to a lot of people, but as unambitious as this show is, the slice-of-life Saiyan antics are really endearing.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V 104: I caught up with Arc-V last week. I’m happy to see Asuka and Edo again (sorry Kaito, I didn’t watch ZeXal). I found the Synchro arc really disappointing, other than the great Tsukikage vs Shinji duel, so I’m hoping for something a bit better this year. I can hope, can’t I?

I haven’t been catching up with Macross Delta lately. Musical mechas in space sounds like a lovely franchise, but it’s not drawing me in the way that first episode did. How many episodes are there now?

Now you know my weekly spread! Onto what I’ve watched that isn’t airing.

Nana: The Josei marvel itself. I’m at episode 5 right now, and I’m pretty hooked. I loved the relationship set up in the first episode. While I wish there wasn’t three episodes (and counting?) of exposition, the OP and ED have me hooked. When I was darkness Saturday. The thin lanky character designs are also… something. Like I said in my introduction, the soundtrack’s atmosphere has been a big draw for me, though it also evokes what I like about certain manga. Nana and Shoji’s interactions in episode four were also quite cute.

K-On!: I finished the first season of what is probably the cutest anime ever. I thought the show was absolutely gorgeous and a blast to watch. The concert at the end was a really cute wrap-up in particular. I felt the show was a bit empty here and there, but overall I’m excited for starting the second season eventually. I expect it to improve a lot, because a quadruple length senior year sounds like it’s exactly what I want from this club.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: After the heartbreak of season 1, I’ve gone back to the war between the New Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. Right now the show feels kinda loose. It’s the same old of planning battles and unraveling schemes. The status quo of LOGH is a pretty entertaining thing, but I hope soon enough I’ll get to the stuff people are really talking about here.

Kemonozume: I usually only go through two or three non-airing shows at a time, but I suppose I just got really bored this week. Finally I end my reverse journey through Yuasa’s shows right at the beginning. Kemonozume has a great first episode! Lots of energy, wonderfully styled animation. The plot was maybe a bit bonkers for my sleep deprived self, but “man falls in love with monster woman” should hopefully be all I need for now.

Aria the Animation: Aria is… interesting. After five episodes, I think I’m putting it on hold. Not so much because I don’t think I can watch anymore, but because I want to save it for a couple weeks ahead. The setting and atmosphere have stayed great, and I certainly think I’ll have something to talk about even before getting to the Origination.

I finished my re-watch of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (which I accompanied with this wonderful series of posts). I’d forgotten just how good that show looked, and I’ve come out of it with a new appreciation of the characters. I was kinda surprised which scene at the end caused me to choke up, but I really should’ve seen it coming. I love Famdoka.

I also watched the first episodes of Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GiG. Both are promising starts, though I’m really glad in particular to be back to Stand Alone Complex. The first episode was lots of political discussion, which reminds me of ConRevo and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.



I’ve been checking out some manga by Inio Asano. I heard good things, so I checked out a couple one-shots and found them interesting. Bakemono Recchan was overall good, and Kinoko Takenoko wasn’t quite as compelling but still interesting. Next up will be his shorter manga.

I’ve been reading The Count of Monte Cristo, to prepare for its anime adaptation. It’s a lot wordier than I’d like for a preface to a 2-cour anime, but I do love the conversations the Count has with Albert. That over-complimentary style is really stuck in my head now. I want to some day soon watch Gankutsuou, Aria, and LOGH in one day, so I can be fully immersed in space. It’d be great for getting over Planetes. Such a wonderful show.

Thursday I saw Winter Soldier. I know, I’m behind. Definitely better tension and characterization than the Avengers movies, but I did miss the over the top comedy-laced style. It’s a good action thriller, but… not life changing. Maybe it would be if I saw First Avenger. I really liked Sam and Steve’s meeting at the beginning of the movie. A lot of that dialogue was just plain good across the board.



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