Hey everyone, call me Bread. I’m a writer, and lately I’ve really gotten into analysis and criticism. So I’ve decided to share those thoughts in the form of a blog. This way, I get to practice my writing while I think about all those great things I like.

Over the past year, the majority of my media repertoire has become anime. My current journey to find my favorite anime stems from when I watched Revolutionary Girl Utena last year. I thought the show was marvelous, and was driven to keep looking for shows that would make me feel the same way. While it’s still hugely important to me, and the inspiration for the title of this blog, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve learned about my taste in media through this experience.

Here’s my MAL by the way. Still got a ways to go. And yes, my tags are a mess.

So now I’ll talk a bit about my taste.

I’m a writer, I like books (though I need to read more). So obviously this means the writing of a show should be important to me. I like it when a show’s situation and characters can evoke something that I’ve experienced, either firsthand or through my vague understanding of others. A recent show that works interestingly here is Kiznaiver. The show takes a very philosophical, high-minded view of human nature, like what a teenager who has just seen Evangelion (*cough young me*)  would say, and shows the chaos that results when one thinks they can impose those ideas on others. Some shows feel very poetic to me in their dialogue, like Gatchaman Crowds and Cowboy Bebop. Good quotes are definitely an attention grabber too.

But recently, I’ve realized a big thing that drives me to anime over manga is music. I recently decided to continue watching the Nana anime rather than switching to the manga for the fact that Nana always gets positive marks on sound quality. I love music, and I think it’s a big part of what heightens a manga adaptation. I like reading the Shokugeki no Soma manga, but a big part of what drew me to the anime was its soundtrack. Two of my favorite manga adaptations are Ping Pong the Animation and Kids on the Slope, which feed on their triumphant soundtracks.

I’d say the last major element of an anime is the art and animation. After talking about how much literature and music matter to me, you’d think visuals would be a last consideration. But it seems to me, troubling enough, that a lot of my favorite shows have amazing visual styles, which also forms an inspiration for my blog title. Examples include: Kill la Kill, Mawaru Penguindrum, Gatchaman Crowds, The Tatami Galaxy, and Shiki. One way of sorting this contradiction may be that bright colored visuals make me speak favorably of a show, while soundtrack lets me enjoy a show in the moment. Kaiba, possibly my favorite soundtrack, is relatively low on my favorites list (though it is a loose favorite). But that kind of falls apart because Kaiba also has exactly the visuals that I like.

Maybe it’s that what makes a good art style and soundtrack for me is how well they can tie into, and thereby heighten, the writing.

Anyhow, I’ll use this blog to talk more about what kinds of things I like about certain shows and what not.


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